We are conscious of the suffering and the primary needs that part of the world population lack, and we cannot ignore their call for help.

We believe that if the world unites with non-governmental organizations dedicated to social assistance by donating only one US dollar per year, it will be possible to improve the welfare of children and to help save the 25,000 that die around the world each day due to various factors.

There are thousands of orphanages and shelters for poor people where volunteers provide food to hundreds of children and the elderly. We can help by donating money or items which may not be significant to us, but would mean the world to them.

PACHA PERU is a Peruvian company like many others involved in helping those less fortunate in Peru. We support the work of DESANA INC, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world. Each year the founders Kathy Houk and her husband George travel to Peru. Each April (until 2010) they deliver school supplies, books and school uniforms to 60 children at SEÑOR DE LOS MILAGROS primary school, located in the farming community of POMATALES – CUSCO. In December they return to deliver gifts and organize a children's Christmas party handing out hot chocolate and bread to the school children and their parents.

This is the way we can help children to stay in school. By delivering needed school supplies, we are enabling those without financial support to continue their studies, helping this small school to grow and encouraging many more children to return…

Nowadays they are taking this help to Africa...
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